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Tara and Josh

On June 1st, only 10 days after their wedding, newlyweds Tara (née Eichinger) and Josh Berendes were involved in a tragic head-on car collision on Interstate 15 near Salt Lake City, Utah while returning home from their honeymoon.

May 22nd, Los Gatos, CA June 1st, Salt Lake City, UT

Heroic action by witnesses helped to save the couples lives.  Tara is recovering from a six-week coma and many injuries and is in stable and improving condition.  Josh fortunately escaped with a broken clavicle and some fractured bones in his hand.

Unfortunately, Tara and Josh had no medical insurance at the time of the accident and the vehicle at fault had only minimal insurance coverage.

Information regarding the accident can be viewed at these LINKS.

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We are extremely grateful for all those that helped at the accident scene and all who have helped since.  Please remember Tara and Josh in your prayers and thoughts. 

This website will be updated soon with more information and Tara's status.

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