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A THANK YOU message from Tara and Josh

November 2, 2004

Hello All,

We want to thank you all for checking the website, for some of you it's been daily, and we can't begin to thank everyone enough for all they have done. God has been listening to all of your prayers and has answered them with a BIG "YES"!

We are very thankful to be alive and thankful to be able to finally enjoy our new marriage. We haven't completely settled in, but are getting there. Tara is still continuing her outpatient therapy and is still in the process of being healed everyday. Emotionally we are both holding up pretty well although we have gone down a very difficult road these last four months.

Tara and Josh in Video

We have read stories of other people who have contacted us that have gone through similar situations and we have prayed many times for their healing and for comfort. We have felt God's comfort recently and have felt the support from everyone that has been praying and caring for us.

We hope that we do not easily forget and hope that those following our story do not easily forget that when we pray and lift things up before God he listens. Whatever the outcome, in this case the best outcome, he is still listening and going through the struggles with us.

We are both in debt to all those that have been praying and to those that have donated to our recovery fund. We are still unsure of future costs, but Medi-CAL and your kind donations have taken care of many of the present costs. We will continue to trust in God to provide.

Thank you for all your cards and e-mails as well. We haven't gotten the chance to carefully read each one or personally thank everyone, but we will in time.

We also are incredibly thankful to both our families who have supported us the whole way and to our friends that have cared more that we could have imagined.

We especially want to thank the witnesses to the accident who proved to be such Good Samaritans. They put themselves at risk in order to save our lives.  Thank you to
Andy Finlay, Brad Beckstrom, Linden Curry, Jeremiah Richards, and the rescue teams, state troopers and paramedics who saved our lives.

God also placed us in what we feel are two of the finest hospitals in the country. The care we received from the University of Utah Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center has been outstanding. These hospitals are full of caring doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, directors and other staff members that gave us nothing less than excellent care. Thank you to the nurses and doctors that saved Tara’s life and all the staff that provided such loving care for us.

We also wish to thank the media and the reporters and photographers who told our story so passionately and helped to spread the word of our need and the miracle of Tara's recovery.

We would also like to thank our home churches, Summit Community Church in Denver and Calvary Baptist church in Los Gatos for all the support we have received from them. We also know that many other churches have given us support and prayer and it has made us feel that we would be at home at many churches and at many homes for that matter.

We will hopefully be able to thank everyone with a letter or something else at some point in the future, but until then we hope that this message and the video that is on the website will give people a good idea of how we are both doing and encourage those that have been praying and supporting us in so many ways. Again, we both thank everyone for all they have done.

Sincerely Josh and Tara Berendes

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