Help Needed for Tara and Josh

Newlywed couple in Tragic Accident returning from Honeymoon.

On June 1st, only 10 days after their wedding, newlyweds Tara (née Eichinger) and Josh Berendes were involved in a tragic head-on car collision on Interstate 15 near Salt Lake City, Utah while returning home from their honeymoon.

May 22nd, Los Gatos, CA June 1st, Salt Lake City, UT

Heroic action by witnesses helped save the couples lives.  Tara is recovering from a six-week coma and is now in stable condition at the Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA.  Josh fortunately escaped with a broken clavicle and  fractured bone in his hand.

Tara and Josh had no medical insurance.  The vehicle at fault had only minimal insurance.  It is unknown what Tara's long term medical expenses will be.

If you desire to help Tara and Josh with a financial contribution to help them rebuild their lives or to help defray their medical rehabilitation expenses you may do so by mailing a check to:

              Tara Eichinger-Berendes Recovery Fund
                    c/o Wells Fargo Bank
                    299 South Main Street
                    Salt Lake City, Utah  84111

or, contributions can be deposited to the fund's name in person at any Wells Fargo Branch Office.   Tell the bank teller that the fund is a fund-raising beneficiary business account.

or, donations can be made using
PayPal on the website.  

Please remember Tara and Josh in your prayers and thoughts. 
Full information can be found at: